When it comes to our pets, we want to ensure that they live long and happy lives. It is for this reason that we buy the pet beds, the best food available, and actively engage in games and interactive activities with our pets. All of these are crucial to your pet’s overall health. But, did you know that the way in which you groom your pet is also essential to your pet’s health?

The dangers of poor grooming

Primarily, grooming provides your pet with a way to get rid of foreign debris and other things that can alter their health. Such things typically include dried dirt, fecal matter, which may have gotten matted into the hind area, twigs/sticks from playing outside, and larger bugs. Where it is true that your pet will need to have flea and tick treatment, your pet will also need to have the dead bugs groomed out of their fur (be it with shampooing and brushing or another grooming method). Leaving such in the fur can quickly cause bacterium, viruses, and injury to your pet.

The Three focal points of grooming

While you want to maintain proper grooming over your pet’s entire body, there are three main areas in which an owner needs to focus. According to Bernadine Cruze, on WEBMD, these areas are:

  • The Fur – Fur, even if short, should be brushed to keep down hairballs and allergies. Pollen and other irritants can accumulate in the fur, so brushing is crucial.
  • The Eyes – Eyes should be nice and clear. If there is fur in your pet’s eyes, this can cause irritation, and irritation can be a sign of a bigger problem.
  • The Ears – Ears should be cleaned to prevent mites and dirt buildup. Ears that are not properly cleaned can lead to internal ear infections and even deafness in your pet.

More than just the physical

Just like people, pets need to feel comfort and love. Grooming your pet properly increases the trust and bond that they share with you. Pampering also improves your pet’s mental state, which leads to better behavior. So, if you are having behavioral problems with your dog or cat, consider pampering and grooming him/her, and you may see a difference.

Failing to groom properly can lead to depression in your pet. If you notice that your pet has decreased their activity, consider taking them to the groomer. If the problem persists take them to your vet.

Grooming is just good all around

Grooming shows that you care for your pet. It is both hygienic for your pet as well as emotionally beneficial. Ensure that your pet lives a long and happy life by implementing proper grooming techniques into your pet’s daily routine.