If you have a pet, then you understand that they sometimes go beyond the “man’s best friend” status and become part of the family. As such, you want to include them in your daily life, but finding activities in which all can participate may be a bit challenging. Here are four outdoor activities that you and your pet can do together.

  1. Go for a hike

WebMD reports that hiking is a good way to lower your risk of heart disease, improve your blood pressure, strengthen your core, improve your balance, and boost your mood. For your pet, hiking is also a great way to get rid of the monotony of the everyday. According to canidae.com, hiking with your pet gives them that extra perk of engagement to their routine (meaning fewer holes in the yard and chewed furniture). Also, like humans, pets need exercise to stay in peak health.

  1. Fetch

Playing a game of fetch with your dog is a great way for you to get some exercise and for your pet to get out and run. Keep in mind, however, that not all breeds will be thrilled about the game. Fetch is not limited to just dogs, either. For example, where a cat will not play “traditional fetch,” you can toss a ball of yarn and have them wheel it back in.

  1. Swimming

If you own a pool, you will find that a great many animals love to go swimming. Cats are a bit weary of the activity, but dogs, ferrets and iguanas can swim, and they thoroughly enjoy it. Through research, you’ll even find that many professionals encourage you to let dogs, in particular, swim; it all depends on the breed, size, and personality of your pet.

  1. Go to a park

One of the best outdoor activities that you can do with your pet is to go to a park. Most parks allow pets, and there are even some that are catered to particular pets (e.g. dogs only). A park allows you to combine various activities, such as hiking, fetch, picnics, etc. Also, going to a park opens the door for you to meet other pet owners and socialize your pet with them. Remember, your pet needs to have friends, as well, in order to keep him/her from getting lonely.


With any outdoor activity, you will need to comply with local ordinances on pet restraints. Do not put anything too constricting on your pet. When performing an activity, ensure that you are fit enough to engage in it. Should you swim with your pet, please take the cleanliness of your pet into consideration. Above all, ensure that you and your pet are safe by having the proper equipment, checking the weather, and resting when needed.


Featured Photo Credit: Natalie via Compfight cc