Spring and summer are season of freedom and fun!  Of course, that means plenty of travel for the whole family, including our pets.  As you’re packing for your pooch and planning for visits to sunny destinations, remember to keep his safety and well-being in mind.  We’ve provided some useful guidelines for you here.  Let us know if you have any suggestions to add!

  • If you plan to fly with your pet, always make sure to read up on your airline’s pet policies before purchasing your ticket.  These tend to vary by airline, so give yourself some time to make whatever arrangements they may call for.  Also, you never know when they will make last minute changes, so be sure to check back frequently for updates or change bulletins.  (If a flight is fully booked or overbooked, it’s entirely possible that this may happen.  Changes are more likely to occur during peak travel season, which is NOW.)
  • If you are travelling with your pet by car, make sure to have your air conditioner checked out during your pre-travel oil change.  Pets are very sensitive to high temperatures, even when the car is moving and the windows are down.
  • Regardless of your mode of transportation, make sure to plan ahead for normal routines.  For example:  Who will stay with the pet while you are inside a restaurant having a meal?  How often will you stop for bathroom breaks?  Bring travel bowls and plenty of bottled water, as well.  If your pet is on any medications, bring enough to cover TWICE the length of your stay in order to account for any unforeseen travel delays.
  • Always schedule a wellness exam with your pet’s veterinarian prior to travel.  If you are travelling across state lines, you will also need to speak with the veterinarian about obtaining a health certificate.  Regardless of the destination, always remember to bring a current copy of your pet’s rabies vaccination certificate.
  • Make sure that your pet is wearing identification at all times.  Make sure that the information on file with your microchip company is current.  Also check that the information on any tags or collars is current.  You want to be certain that if your pet is lost and found while you are on vacation, the finder is able to contact you.  So, a cell phone number is best.

Travelling with your pet can be a fun experience, but you want to make sure that you cover all your bases.  Oh!  A don’t forget to bring a favorite toy and a whole load of treats.  Your furry passenger will thank you!