Every pet owner is constantly on the the lookout for new and exciting things for their pets to play with.

Well, look no further, this new product from Toshiba is exactly the thing you’ve been looking for:

Now you can save your own laptop from drool and chew marks by giving your pet his or her own laptop to play with!  The PetBook from Toshiba is the world’s first laptop for pets, and it is outiftted with a delicious and durable 100% organic rawhide casing.  While the rawhide enclosure keeps your dog’s data safe and tasty, the built-in doggy cam will keep his social life active during your long workday.  Your dog will never feel lonely, as long as he is able to have inter-canine video chats with his best dog park pals.

This machine offers a paw-print reader for security, but our favorite feature is the “bark-to-text” capabilities of the world’s first pet laptop.  This technology recognizes inflections in your dogs barks and ruffs and turns them into usable text that you can understand.  The feature claims to operate with 99% accuracy.

To find out more about the PetBook, go to: www.Toshiba.com/us/petbook

We thought this was such a brilliant April’s Fools Day joke made by Toshiba that we really just could not resist getting in on the action.

Of course, this is not an actual product offered by Toshiba, but it sure is a fun joke to play on pet-loving friends!