As busy working people, many of us struggle with balancing the demands of everyday life.    Throw a pet into the mix, and you’re sure to feel overwhelmed from time to time.  We all want to provide the best possible quality of life for our pets, but sometimes that can become challenging.

Fortunately, thanks to the wealth of information that is uploaded to the internet daily, we have countless resources at our fingertips that generations of pet owners before us had to do without.

Here’s a great list of websites created specifically for you, the busy pet owner:

Pet Travel Resources

Pet Air – This website claims to be your pet’s personal travel agent, and you can consider this to be the crème de la crème of pet travel.  They offer pet transport between 150+ airports, and even offer a level of “white glove” service.  You can also choose such add-on options as boarding, grooming, special delivery, and a corporate relocation package.  If you’re planning an extended trip or relocation, this is the service for you!  For a list of airports serviced by this company, click here.

Official Pet Hotels – This is a website that can be used to find pet-friendly hotels at any location.  You can search by city name or airport code, and reservations can be made directly from their website.  Visit and try it out.  It’s just one more way that you can streamline the process of travelling with your best friend.

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Pet Care Services and Pet Sitters

When you plan to be away from home and are unable to bring your pet, remember that oftentimes, your veterinarian is the best resource for finding suitable temporary care.  The majority of veterinary hospitals have boarding facilities that are designed to provide a loving and fun environment for your pet while you are away.  If your pet’s vet does not have in-house boarding services, they will often be able to point you toward trusted local care services.  So, just ask!

In the event that you’re short on time or your veterinarian’s boarding facility is booked (this happens a lot during the holidays), try one of these great websites: – While this website is not geared specifically toward pet owners, it is a fantastic resource for finding independent pet sitters in your area.  You can filter search results by hourly rate, level of experience, and a number of other factors.  If you’re using the mobile app, you can even choose pet sitters by distance.  The same service will help you find babysitters, personal assistance, and elderly care.

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters – This is a non-profit organization for independent pet care professionals.  Their website features a pet sitter locator, with a few extras (such as pet training and behavior modification).

Just like any other tool, the internet can be incredibly helpful when you use it appropriately.  Always remember, though, that when it comes to information regarding medications or the general health of your pet, online sources can be hit-or-miss.  While it’s tempting to do a web search every time your pet is acting strange, it’s best practice to simply call your veterinarian instead.

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