It makes sense that America’s favorite time of year for cat adoption falls during the month of June.  Each spring, thousands of newborn kittens are surrendered to the care of animal shelters across the country. By the time June rolls around, those newborns are bright, energetic, and ready to go out into the world.  This is what is known by veterinary professionals as “kitten season”.

Unfortunately, kitten season does not result in a happy ending for every kitten.  It’s not uncommon for the population of adoptable cats to exceed the number of households willing to adopt them, and well… you already know how that ends.

So, of course, if you’re in the market for a new cat or kitten, we want to encourage you to remember the following:

  • When you adopt one pet, you save his/her life, as well as the lives of those who enter the shelter in his/her place. You’re creating a domino effect that has a huge positive impact.
  • One unaltered animal can result in thousands of offspring in a relatively short amount of time. Spaying or neutering your pet is a wise choice for a variety of other reasons, as well.
  • If it’s feasible for your personal situation, many shelters encourage families to adopt kittens in pairs. They’re not simply trying to “clean house”.  It’s a fact that cats crave (and need) plenty of exercise and attention, and they are very good at providing these things for each other.
  • If this is your first pet, you should have a veterinarian in mind before adopting the cat or kitten. If you’re new to the area or have no idea where to start, ask the shelter for recommendations for a veterinarian who is close to your home and has office hours that work for your schedule.
  • Avoid giving adopted pets as a gift to friends or family members. If this is something that you absolutely insist on doing, don’t make it a surprise.  Offer the gift beforehand and include the recipient in picking out the pet.  This goes for all species and breeds, of course.

The decision to adopt a cat (or any other animal) is huge, and it requires careful planning ahead of time. Once you’re ready though, head to shelter and save a life a two.  You can be sure that they will have a variety of feline companions to choose from, especially this time of year!

Featured Photo Credit: LotteLeeMøller via Compfight cc