Mother’s Day is our annual opportunity to pay tribute to the women who have devoted their lives to caring for us.  That includes dog moms!  Whether your midnight trips are made to the veterinary hospital or the pediatrician, we want to celebrate you.  So, Happy Mother’s Day, Dog Moms!  We hope you enjoy your weekend.

Online Reading Goodies for Dog Moms

Dog Moms Rock

This is a worldwide community made just for women with dogs.  Women are invited to share ideas, pictures, advice, support and love for dogs.  The site has a shop, which donates a portion of the profits to the charity of your choice.

There is also a dog moms blog, which is updated regularly with discussions regarding dog health, hobbies, journal article/book suggestions, dog mom outreach and much more.

Adventures of a Dog Mom

This blog features two laboradors who love to keep their mom on her toes.  It’s an entertaining read.  The writer discusses a variety of topics, including a recent post titled “16 Dog Breeds You Want on Your Team”.  Go check out this blog or find her in social media.  Facebook, pinterest, twitter – it doesn’t matter, she’s in all of them!

The Dog Mom

This blog was created by a dog mom from Pennsylvania.  There, you will find a recipes and other things of interest, including a tab labelled “Doggie Stuff”.  Check it out!