It’s safe to say that goldfish are great starter pets for just about anyone.  While some animals lovers may feel that they are a bit dull (when compared to some of the more lively creatures we tend to keep as pets), the fact remains that they are extremely low maintenance.  They don’t need to go for walks, and they don’t have a litter box that needs scooping.

There’s a reason that goldfish are the all-time favorite way for parents to teach their children responsibility, as well.  Sure, goldfish make messes just like any other animal.  However, you can find some level of comfort in knowing that the mess is well-contained in that little glass bowl or aquarium.  They are also very affordable, and you can find them just about anywhere.  It’s a great way for kids to learn positive lessons that will follow them through life, and it comes with a relatively low level of risk (and mess).

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So, if you’re considering bringing a goldfish home for your child, make it into a learning experience!  Here are a couple of suggestions for using this slippery little pet as a way of helping your kids grow into the adults you want them to be:

Responsibility and Confidence – Making your child responsible for the care of his or her goldfish is going to feel like a very big deal for your little one.  You can use it as a way to teach them the importance of maintaining a routine and keeping watch on their schedule.  After all, it’s a little easier to get out of bed in the morning when you know Goldie needs to eat!  Other lessons they can take from goldfish ownership may include things such as tidiness (maintaining a clean habitat for the fish) and moderation (you can’t overfeed the fish!).  Once they’ve conquered the incredible task of keeping Goldie alive and happy, their confidence is sure to soar.

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Make Conversation and Inspire Creativity – Get your child to open up to you by asking them questions about their beloved new pet.  Ask them about the colors they see inside the aquarium, or use it as an opportunity to teach them new words.  Some great examples of goldfish-related terms are “propel”, “buoyant”, and so many more.  When the time comes for creativity, ask them to draw pictures of their own fish, as well as other wild fish they may have seen in pictures.  Ask them to compare the two and explain the differences.

When given the opportunity to grow in their role as caregiver, children flourish and become more conscientious of their daily routine.  It’s a great way to support their psychological and social development, and your child is sure to become motivated toward increased responsibility.

It’s a fact that pet ownership provides countless benefits for people of all ages.  Pets, whether fishy or furry, enrich our daily lives and make us generally happier people.

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