Whether or not you are a lover of the game, there’s no denying that football season is in full swing.  For a lot of people, this time of year means so much more than staying glued to the television every Sunday. It’s also about the time spent with friends and family who also enjoy the game, and of course, the delicious fall recipes.

This football season, we want to make sure that your best furry friend is also included, and since it’s been so long since we last shared any recipes for pets, we’ve rounded up some great fall recipes for the pups.

Reminder: If your pet has a condition that requires a restricted diet, these recipes are probably not for you.  If are unsure, but would still like to try these recipes, please first speak with your family veterinarian.

Homemade Peanut Butter, Banana, and Bacon Dog Treats

This awesome treat recipe is courtesy of Huffington Post.  If your pup, like most, loves peanut butter, this is just the treat you’ve been looking for!  As an added bonus, the recipe calls for flax seeds, which is perfect for any pooch who could use an extra bit of fiber in his or her diet.

Bananas bring the potassium, and the bacon (cooked until VERY crisp and drained well) makes them irresistible. This is a must-try for healthy dogs on unrestricted diets, and we’re sure that even the pickiest of eaters will love them.  (Caution: Be sure to stick with natural varieties of peanut butter with no artificial sweeteners. Specifically, avoid giving pets any foods that contain Xylitol.)

Get the recipe HERE!

Touchdown Tasties

This recipe was created by Lucy Postins, CEO of The Honest Kitchen in honor of the most competitive time of year.  One look at the list of ingredients, and you’ll probably want to save a few for yourself!  Ham and cheese is the reason that these treats are a tasty winner with your furry sidekick, but the real kicker is the avocadoes.  They add a nice dose of healthy fats and oils, which makes them great for your pet’s skin and hair coat.  (Caution: The flesh of an avocado is perfectly safe and healthy for your pet in reasonable quantities, but you should avoid giving him or her the skin or pit of the fruit.)

Get the recipe HERE!

Super Simple Sweet Potato Dog Treats

This is a great time of year for sweet potatoes, and just like with humans, they just happen to also be a favorite for dogs.  If you’re looking for an extremely simple dog treat recipe with ingredients that you are very likely to already have around the house, give this one a shot.  FOUR ingredients!  That’s it.

Get the recipe HERE!

We hope your pups enjoy these recipes, as well as being included in all of this season’s game day festivities!

Featured Photo Credit: ProSam via Compfight cc