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Cats are creatures of habit, and so, when your cat starts to act a bit abnormally there may be cause for some concern. If you have a cat that is usually passive and are starting to see an aggressive side, especially when he/she visits the litter box, it may be bladder stones. Here are a […]

If you have a pet, then you understand that they sometimes go beyond the “man’s best friend” status and become part of the family. As such, you want to include them in your daily life, but finding activities in which all can participate may be a bit challenging. Here are four outdoor activities that you […]

Just like people, as dogs get older they have a tendency to take on certain aliments that the youth are generally exempt from. One such thing would be arthritis. And where we would not like to think upon our canine companions in a state of pain from this condition, it has been reported that it […]

When you adopt a pet, you do so with the idea that the animal will become a part of your family. You expect that he or she will live the rest of his life in your care. That’s ideal, of course, which is why we stress the importance of making sure you are truly ready […]

When our beloved pets surprise us by displaying aggressive behavior toward a person or another animal, it’s hard to know how to respond. Of course, you want to defend your best friend, but the truth is that your pet’s aggression can become dangerous for everyone (including your pet). Check out this great article where Dr. […]

New Years’ resolutions can get a little silly sometimes. We’ve all heard those outlandish, impossible-to-achieve promises that people make to themselves each year, and as each year passes, it becomes more and more difficult not to roll your eyes. This year, do yourself a favor, and commit to something reasonable. For both you and your […]

The holidays are a busy time for pets in the news and on social media! Here’s a roundup of what we found around the internet for Pawlidays 2016! In the News Forget the terror and tragedy that’s usually in the news. Here are the cheerful news snippets you need to get into the holiday spirit: […]

If you’ve ever met (or owned) an unruly dog, you know how totally overwhelming their presence can be. They’ll jump on you and others, pull a leash until your shoulder aches, bark into thin air until your ears are ringing, and so much more. These kinds of behaviors absolutely do not work with the modern […]

Traveling with pets is no picnic. It has never been simple to bring your furry sidekick along for a long distance trip, and the challenges increase in proportion with the size of the animal. Unfortunately, that has never been truer than it is now. Airlines are really buckling down on the way pets fly, and […]

Under any circumstances, saying goodbye to a pet is an extremely difficult thing to go through. So, it only makes sense that the heartache is amplified considerably if you’re in the situation of deciding whether or not euthanasia would be best. Even when all of the end-of-life “signs” are staring you in the face, it’s […]